BREAKING NEWS: Disney and Pixar have announced THE INCREDIBLES 2 is finally, finally, finaaaaaaaalllllly happening.

Oh, and CARS 3 too…

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DIVERGENT star Shailene Woodley says what we’re all thinking about the TWILIGHT films

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We talked to Aaron Paul about NEED FOR SPEED, fast cars, BREAKING BAD and not being able to say “bitch” anymore…

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A bloody, gory, testosterone-filled - not to mention risible - sequel badly out of step with the times.

Our review of the (anticipated?) sequel, due in theaters this Friday

TRUE DETECTIVE fan? Well, here’s one hell of a fan theory that just might have cracked the entire case wide open. SPOILERS AHEAD!

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Fox’s upcoming TV series GOTHAM isn’t about Batman but that doesn’t mean Bruce Wayne won’t be in it.

Who will play the young Boy-who-will-be-Bat? What about Selina Kyle, a.k.a. Catwoman? Read our report here

THE STAND has a new, talented director. Buuuuuuut Warner Bros. wants to adapt the mammoth book into one film. Hoo, boy.

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Who’s got two thumbs, a starring role on GIRLS and might just be the main villain in STAR WARS: EPISODE VII? 

Thatguy. Yup, Adam Driver.

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GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY has its first poster. Plus, you can (briefly) here the voice of Rocket Raccoon (played by Bradley Cooper) right here